How Can I Have Gorgeous Healthy Hair?

Proper Daily Maintenance is the First Step

Boar Bristle Brushing

Boar Bristle Brush

Brush dirty hair with a boar bristle brush every day to exfoliate the scalp, stimulate blood flow, and redistribute natural oils to nourish the ends. Flip your head over to start at the nape, and  brush every section of the scalp and hairline, thoroughly dragging oils to the ends of the hair. Leave oils to nourish the hair overnight or throughout the day before cleansing. Now that your brush is seasoned with your natural oil, use it post-blowdry to eliminate frizz and add massive shine.

Cleanse Correctly

Sulfate free cleanser DOES lather and should

More important than how often you shampoo is HOW you shampoo. Using our sulfate free cleansers, massage the scalp only, leaving the length of the hair relatively untouched. The more you manipulate hair, the more frizz you inadvertently create. A cleansed scalp means clean hair, so lather, rinse, and repeat until you achieve a luxurious heady foam. Rinse well. The more lather you achieve, the cleanser your scalp TRULY is and the longer you can extend your cleanse and style cycle. 

Condition Safely for Strength


You want strong hair in order for it to feel soft. So saturate your hair with tons of conditioner and let it sit forever, right? WRONG! We’re busting that myth. Run cream conditioner through cleansed hair and let it remain on the hair only as long as it takes to detangle. Then rinse. Immediately.

Treat with Leave-In Everytime You Cleanse


Your moisture retention gets real with a leave-in treatment. Just like a lotion for your skin after a shower, your hair needs to be treated with hydration after a cleanse. Our Perfect Leave-In is oil-free and weightless, so go ahead and saturate for color and heat protection, static control, shine, detangling, nourishment and reconstruction.

Use the Correct Heat StylingTools


Please throw away the nostalgic blow dryer and hot roller memorabilia from the 90’s. It is time to invest in quality tools with smart technology that will preserve the integrity of your hair. Please visit us for a consultation on which tools would be right for you.

Supplement for Success


Boost length, strength, shine and density with healthy diet and nutritional supplements. Water intake is essential: think 8 glasses daily. Think that's a lot? Consider the raisin! Drink up and plump! Collagen powder, Biotin, Flaxseed Oil and Horsetail are all excellent feeders to the hair palate. Protein and Omegas 3 and 6 are essential as well. While there are many "hair vitamins" on the market, you may be overpaying for them, and we recommend purchasing the individual supplements listed at their highest potency for utmost efficacy and value. Please consult your physician when adding any supplements to your diet.